Episode 27: Add spice to the routine of sex

Humans are routine oriented creatures. We discover what works, then we often repeat the process.

The problem with this, what happens when we do this with sex?

Sure it may mean sex achieves orgasm for one or both parties every time, but what if the routine becomes too routine?

That’s what we talk about in this episode.

Show topics:

  • The importance of upping the spice
  • How to introduce adventure to routine


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  1. says

    Your clarifications about rejection, what it really is struck me as profound! I hadn’t thought about it in the light you put it in before. As the often higher desire partner, I’ve experienced my share of “rejection.” Now I have some better way to deal with it. That it’s not really ME being rejected. My husband & I just celebrated our 12th wedding anniversary… so maybe the 12 year sex challenge is for us…LOL… ;o) A very thought-full & fun show, as always. Thank you.

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