Episode 69: All Things Being Equal

Several years ago research showed the importance of equality in marriage. That housework and roles to make a relationship work should be equal.

Now research shows that our sexuality doesn’t follow this same script.

That what we cover in this episode.

Show topics:

  • Friendship and roles we play in marriage
  • Masculinity and femininity
  • Playing to your strengths


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  1. Byron says

    I’ve been married for 21 years now The last two years my wife is not interested in sex at all. I love your show I think it’s great Lots of good information But I feels stuck. My wife told me straight out she doesn’t care we ever make love again Is it time for a divorce

    • Corey says

      This isn’t something anyone else can answer for you. The question is what are you willing to live with and without in regards to married life?

      • Byron knox says

        I feel like the more information I get more frustrated I become. We get along okay but there’s nothing going on. We did some counseling but she felt we didn’t need it. I feel like I’m developing hate or frustration. I find myself becoming more cynical

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