SMR#118: Your Emotions and Sex

Life can sometimes be an emotional roller coaster. So can sex.

But our emotions can also really help us and our sex life.

That’s what Shannon and Corey cover in this episode.



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  1. Michele says

    Disappointing! I was excited when you said you were touching on trust and trusting your spouse. But once again you seem to suggest that only psycho woman with no reason to mistrust their husbands get the attention from you. So many men have fallen to the lure of porn giving women a very good reason to be wondering about their activities online & offline. The first time you covered this with Gina the answer was trust in god & all will be ok. The second time with a guest speaker you claimed that if something was going on you should have known because humans are such bad liars and what are you doing to cause this to happen ( if you remember I posted on that show & how offensive I found your podcast), and now we’re just psycho or boner killers with unreasonable suspicion. Not one lick of good advise for a woman that found out after 18 years of marriage her husband has been addicted to porn. No, I had no clue. We have had a healthy sexual relationship all that time, so it took me by surprise. It shook my trust horribly, I don’t take deception well. I love him & want our marriage to continue, but it’s been a struggle to give that undoubting trust I once had. He tells me he’s done with porn, and I think I believe him, but it’s hard. I’ve been listening to every show, almost since your beginning SMR Corey, and would very much like to hear you address the real concerns of todays trust issues for women in the world of rampant porn. Please address the normal woman ( not the psycho woman with unreasonable trust issues ) with real concerns of her husband not keeping all of his sexual energy where he should, directed on the two of them.

    • Corey says

      Thank you for speaking up again Michele, and I will correct myself by stating that I do believe a person could keep porn usage hidden from a spouse and the spouse could have no suspicion of it. My statement of the spouse knowing on some level is about when another person is involved – not a virtual betrayal.

      We will address this in more detail in a coming show.

      • Heather says

        I am very interested to hear more about developing trust between spouses when infidelity of any kind has taken place. My husband has struggled with pornography (which I was aware of and did not take action) and has now been unfaithful, emotionally and physically. I am having great difficulty trusting and believing him on several levels, including the meaningfulness and authenticity of our sexual relationship.

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