Episode 12: Female Orgasm: Unlocking the Mystery

While we have been advocates of great sex and great marriages, we have often talked beyond technique and skills.

Not today.

In today’s show we explore & “unlock” the mystery of the female orgasm.

Show topics:

  • The importance of fragrance and setting a mood for great sex
  • Understanding the keys to female arousal
  • Female anatomy – where’s the clitoris & how to stimulate her
  • How to heighten orgasm
  • Giving yourself permission to enjoy yourselves sexually


What did we miss?

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  1. Gary says

    Interesting podcast, thanks. But I think you missed talking about a significant issue, namely, women who have trouble having orgasms, or have never had them, and how that affects their relationships. That’s a big issue and some women really never own up to that and are ashamed about it and think they’re the only person who can’t, and fake their orgasms all the way through their marriage.

    I know three women personally who couldn’t have orgasms in the early parts of their marriages, and all three of them developed sexual disinterest and related problems. One had her husband leave her and come back, but their marriage is now back to being sexless. The other divorced and figured out how to have orgasms and then married another man, and doing much better now. The third is in a sexless marriage but has found a friend with benefits on the side, and the wife tacitly approves — a don’t ask don’t tell arrangement and their marriage is otherwise pretty good.

    So this is a serious problem. Your podcast, though interesting, is otherwise rather light and kind of assumes that all women have orgasms with ease, or if not, it’s just a matter of finding their clit. Not that simple for some women — far from it.

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