1. Dan says

    Dr. Allan,

    You stated you have read the Bible and found NO prohibition to masturbation. Do not know that there was no such word as “masturbation” in ancient Hebrew, Aramic, Latin, or Greek? The word masturbation is from the root “slave/master”. Do not be a slave to anything. Have self-control. For your incontinence. Emission is unclean. Rid yourself of all uncleanliness. Hold others above yourself. Die to self. Be pure. Be not of the flesh. — These all speak to masturbation. If for example – there was no word for “wings” in our language – how would one describe a bird? By some other words. Just because the actual word “masturbation” is not in the Bible – does not mean that’s it OK. It is sexual immorality. Self-sex. Idolatry of sex. God created sex for two people, not one. God gave our bodies a form of physical “release” in nocturnal emmissions. – not the hand. Because we know not and there is no intentionality of the heart, mind, or self in nocturanl emissions – that is only way that is acceptable. Why do you think God gave this IN YOUR SLEEP and not in your waking moments?

    Please re-read the Good Word with an anti-masturbation mind set. You’ll find out more than you think.

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