Episode 26: Gender Roles

Everyone has different roles they play in life.

How much of the role is based on your gender? And is the idea of gender roles out-dated?

Hear more about this in this episode.

Show topics:

  • Gender differences
  • Triangulation
  • The yin and the yang of sexuality


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  1. says

    Great show! I’m the “hover-er” from the listener/reader letter you mention… My husband & I still laugh about it! We both listen and love your show and gain much insight from it. And I still hover…someone has to. ;o)

  2. says

    Ha ha ha. Okay, I haven’t admitted it till now, but I’ve been known to hover too. Not so much for sex as just for attention. It’s become our ADD joke because one time Paul just looked at me and asked, “Ummm, are you suffering from an attention deficit?”

  3. says

    That is hilarious, Gina. I’ll have to tell my husband about the ADD…very funny! I hover for sex and attention…LOL.. Whatever works, right? ;o) Happy Weekend!

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