Episode 52: Givers and takers

There are both givers and takers in life. And sex.

Sometimes, it’s the same person.

That’s what this episode is all about.

Show topics:

  • Being a giver or taker
  • Honesty
  • Authenticity


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  1. says

    At one point during the podcast, you said that the low desire spouse might be the giver, but weren’t sure. In my marriage, that is 100% not the case. I am the higher drive spouse by far, and I am definitely the giver in the bedroom. From my experience in talking with other spouses, that tends to be the case. The higher drive spouse often is the one that reads the books about sex, the blogs, the articles, tries the new techniques, is willing to spend the time to grow the marriage bed while the lower drive spouse just sits back and accepts (or not) the attention, because it’s not as much of a priority for them.

  2. says

    That is a good point, which is sort of the way I was seeing it too.

    I think in some cases, the lower desire spouse may be a giver if she is overcoming her own apathy to make love out of a place of generosity (and not pitiful mercy.)

    So many meanings and emotions we attach to this most intimate part of our lives!

    Thanks for listening and chiming in.

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