Episode 44: When Your Spouse Won’t Go Down

Oral sex.

It can be a great part of foreplay, or even the main event. But what about when one spouse wants it and the other doesn’t?

Or when you’re repulsed by the idea or act?

That’s what we discuss in this episode.

Show topics:

  • Challenge your assumptions
  • Change is a slow process
  • Power


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  1. says

    Another GREAT show and great topic! I will have to listen to this one again with my husband as this is something we need to explore me, as I want more oral… and he needs more convincing! ;o) But wonderful ideas on how to keep this topic afloat in sexy conversations and fun solutions to try. Thank you!

  2. says

    Awesome Tracy! I can imagine many men reading your post and thinking, “Her HUSBAND needs more convincing? What a lucky guy.”

    Also, for folks who have taste aversion, here’s a really unique product that actually MASKS the flavor for a full 15 minutes. Who comes up with these ideas?

    http://yourmasque.com/ We got tipped- off from our friends at Happily Married After.

  3. CG says

    I dont agree with this. Oral is not needed in a happy marriage. You say “you dont like it? Well youre wrong and should change.” Also, coconut oil has no smell and no flavor.

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