Episode 32: Help! Sex is over too fast

We’ve covered many topics on sex thus far – desire differences, fantasies, female orgasms, arousal, being sexy, and on and on.

Sex is something many people work for to have as part of their life. You set the mood, pursue, think about and plan for it.

But sometimes, it’s over way too fast.

This is what we tackle in this episode.

Show topics:

  • It’s not just the man’s issue
  • Creating a collaborative alliance
  • Staying connected even while anxious


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  1. C says

    The wonderful act does go too fast most times, possibly due to his goal to get there but also because my attempts at guidance are too subtle. I’m going to work on the communication in order to slow things down a bit.
    Another thing that I don’t know if other wives also have an issue like me is that men – or at least my hubby – really needs to take advantage and not make us women wait when we actually do admit we are feeling frisky, when we flirt, it means we are ready. They do not seem to realize the moment disappears easily.

  2. says

    “They do not seem to realize the moment disappears easily.”
    hahaa, Poor fellas; I think you’re right. Carpe’ Diem, guys and strike while the iron is HOT!

  3. Mary says

    Lol…Shannon, you said on this show that you don’t make eye contact with “Asian people”? Does this include “Asian people” raised in America and how do you know if they are the kind of “Asian people” who don’t like eye contact (where do such “Asian people” live anyway?) It was a really weird thing for you to say…not intentionally offensive I’m sure, but sort of like HUH??? Do you avoid eating watermelon and fried chicken around black people, too? :D

    • Corey says

      Keep in mind that Shannon has only been on the show since episode 107. Shows 1 – 100 are Gina Parris and I.

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