Episode 17: Keep your pants on


Welcome to a Bonus Episode of Sexy Marriage Radio.

Today’s show includes an interview with Kelly Chicas, author of Keep Your Pants On: Preventing Infidelity in Your Marriage.

As you can guess from the title, we’re talking about affairs.

Kelly offers her insight on ways to prevent infidelity and we discuss how you can recover from an affair in your marriage.

Be sure to check out her book for even more information.

Keep Your Pants On: Preventing Infidelity in Your Marriage.


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  1. Rob says

    I realize that this is a late post to the Podcast, but I am a new listener to the program. I understand the theory involved with “being the best you” and the ripple effect of positivity it is supposed to have on the relationship. I have a few issues and I’m not sure if you have covered them since this show was posted.
    1) When being the best you becomes the new normal and is still taken for granted, what does one do then?
    2) How do you continue to be the best you while facing a empty feeling in the relationship? What support is there for this process?
    3) Isn’t being the best you and standing up for integrity dangerously close to doing so with an attachment on it positively impacting or improving the relationship?
    4) How does one stay interested in a relationship with a non-affectionate or emotionally unavailable partner? (Case in point, in my situation moving from orbiter to non orbit has changed nothing and I find that I am losing interest in continuing the relationship.)
    5) What if your partner ultimately does not respond to you increasing your “sex-rank” or your differentiation process? Is this a more healthy form of growing a part?

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