Episode 23: Marriage Help Gone Bad

We offer a lot of ideas, tips and suggestions that will help create a better sex life … and marriage.

Much of what we discuss is simple to understand and try. But some times things can be misunderstood … or can they?

In this show, Gina and I don’t even agree.

Show topics:

  • The pressure of change on your spouse
  • How your sex life is a great place to create change (or not)
  • More about the idea of growing up
  • Worst marriage advice we’ve heard


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  1. Gary says

    I disagree with your advice about not having opposite sex friends, as if we’re out-of-control animals who have no sense of boundary, and that men are always trying to figure out how to get into a woman’s pants. I fully agree that many people can’t handle it well, so it’s perhaps good advice you’re giving. But it simply doesn’t apply to everyone. One example would be a bisexual person — should he/she have NO friends whatsoever (other than his/her spouse)? That’s BS.

    I’ve had a number of female friendships over the years, and in some instances we both recognized and even joked about the fact that there is mutual attraction. But we supported each others marriages instead and gave each other advice to that end. And you get insights in that kind of cross-gender discussion that you DO NOT get from another guy pal at the bar with you talking about women. Those kinds of “guy discussions” are usually clueless.

    In fact, I think your too-careful kind of approach unintentionally contributes to the reluctance of all-male executive level and top-management groups to promote women into their ranks. Because, guess what, following your approach, the guys realize they can’t take a woman along as a partner on the gold course or have an informal business talk at the country club. You have to go out of your way to invite more people as a group, or their spouses always have to be invited, which is hard to do when everyone has kids, etc.

    I just think it’s kind of funny that what you teach is basically that it’s OK for people to have opposite sex friends on the playground in grade school (which I did, unlike many of the other boys) and then finally, when we are responsible adults, we no longer even have the freedom we had in grade school. I think your approach is limiting and patronizing and assumes we have no real sense of boundary. Though I admit that some people do have a problem with this. But as with alcohol, the fact that some people have a problem with it doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy it socially. You’re basically an opposite-sex friend prohibitionist. And I disagree with your advice, at least if you’d say it should apply to everyone.

  2. ~L says

    I read the comments before listening to the show and had read it as Cory says since Cory does sometimes comment. And I thought wow I usually agree with Cory b

  3. ~L says

    I read the comments before listening to the show and had read it as Cory says since Cory does sometimes comment. And I thought wow I usually agree with Cory but how way off he is this time. I was then listening for the disagreement! Yeah! It didn’t happen! Then I realized it says Gary says. Boy is Gary way off. It’s like he doesn’t even know any women or have himself any attraction to them or understand the attraction between male an female. Thanks Cory and Gina! Well said!

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