Episode 15: Masturbation and marriage

Sex in marriage is a great thing, we think it’s the place where the best sex happens.

But what do you do when one partner isn’t interested and you are looking for release? Is it okay to masturbate?

Show topics:

  • What role does sex play in your marriage?
  • Where is your sexual energy focused?
  • Are there times when masturbation is good?


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  1. Marvin says

    Dude, if you’re interviewing someone, you should shut up and let that guest talk. You talk too much. Shut up. You should have let Gina talk more.

    • Corey says

      The entire idea of Sexy Marriage Radio includes both Gina and I. It’s not an interview, it’s a collaboration.

  2. says

    Your discussion of masturbation seems to address the act as done in isolation (solo or secret masturbation). Secrets are antithetical to intimacy.

    We probably should consider three questions in resolving our “need” to masturbate (in this narrow context of isolated masturbation):

    1. What seeds the need?

    2. What else does it feed?

    3. Where else does it lead?

    Our thoughts are rarely benign and often turn our hearts to or away from one another (in the context of marriage). Matthew 5:28

    As with so many of the “hard” questions of our time, motivation is key.

  3. says

    Hey Mr. Pure Bed! Thanks for chiming in. I agree that motivation and heart issues are the key. If something is not moving us closer to who we really want to be and who we really want to please, than its a step in the wrong direction. Missing the mark of sheer glorious goodness.

  4. Scott says

    Halfway through this episode I started having flashbacks to my Catholic catechism days. I expected you to say:
    – you’ll go blind
    – God only allots a finite amount of sperm so if you waste it…

    While my partner and I usually enjoy listening to Sexy Marriage Radio, this particular episode sounded more like Bible Belt Radio.

  5. says

    Well thanks for listening, Scott! I don’t think we said any of those things you were “expecting,” but we never expect that we will say things everyone agrees with. Heck, some times Corey and I don’t even agree with each other. That’s why we’re all just looking to support each other as we do life and love and intimacy as authentically as we know.

  6. Married man 7 years says

    I used to masturbate every day and now it is like not at all. For me it was about release and less about lust now I still struggle about the selfishness of it but not the lust side. My wife went through a first marriage where there was porn, infidelity, etc so she views masturbation as infidelity. I have desires for release and sometimes start to and don’t because of guilt the stimulation is almost enough brain chemical fix without the climax. But the guilt and purity issue has motivated me to shame even that part away. It seems her desire is less but more I think it is lack of communication and initiation that Is the problem. Thanks for this episode it really helped me put it into perspective. Keep up the great podcast I am going to try some new things… Tonight! God bless.

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