Episode 45: Self Image and Sex

Life involves change. And no where does change impact us more than in our body image/self image.

So how do you handle it when you’ve added a few pounds or gravity has taken over and your image takes a hit in your own mind? And what about when this happens to your spouse?

That’s what we discuss in this episode.

Show topics:

  • External image vs internal image
  • Importance of being comfortable in your own skin
  • Use the pressure of the system to your advantage


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  1. Gary says

    Corey briefly commented that a 19-year-old woman doesn’t have much to offer an older man except her physical looks. Sure, that would be true in many cases. But it’s a stereotyped view that is not always true. Sometimes the age difference means there is MORE to talk about, not less. An example that is not uncommon is when they are both bright people, and they both have an unusual passion for the same intellectual interest, and one serves as a mentor and the other is an eager student. And the the younger person reminds the older person of his first experiences with their shared subject of interest, etc.

    Love is a funny thing sometimes. It doesn’t always conform to stereotyped assumptions.

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