Episode 36: Sex Tips for the Shy Wife and the Nice Guy

There are many people who don’t consider themselves outgoing or adventurous when it comes to sex and eroticism. These aren’t those with very little to no desire for sex.

These are more the husband who’s the nice guy or the wife who’s shy.

In this episode we talk about tips to try for your sex life if you’re the shy wife or the nice guy.

Show topics:

  • Move beyond “do what worked last time”
  • Sexting
  • Adventure and energy
  • Marriage secrets
  • Also, Corey mentioned an Iphone & Android App called “Pair” to keep your messages between just your & your spouse: Check it out atwww.TryPair.com


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  1. Don says

    What Corey said about conversation being mostly about schedule is so true Shifting from thinking about responsibilites to ones sex life quickly is not easy for the low desire spouse.

  2. Beth says

    This is such a helpful topic! Thank you for talking about this.

    Do you have any guidance for a shy wife who wants to learn how to engage in Dirty Talk, but doesn’t know what to say? Where do you learn dirty phrases, other than by hearing someone else say it?

  3. Don says

    There are several articles on-line that can give you some good ideas. It helps to know what your spouse likes and you can taylor your hot talk toward their interests. Corey gave a good suggestion about how to start out by using inuendo. If your spouse picks up on your inuendo you can add to it making it hotter and more creative.

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