SMR#114: Talking to your kids about sex

You’ve heard of the “big talk.” But talking to your kids about sex is actually many different conversations.

And it starts … right now.

That’s what┬áShannon and Corey cover in this episode.



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  1. chuck says

    Coery, Corey, Corey,


    It does appear that you have a happy talent for taking a good subject down a wrong path. This program was really very good…. UP TO the 28th minute. In talking about the attitudes to take toward expectations, you say that, as men, we should operate from the standpoint that our wives are naturally vixenish and will be open to our initiations. That the default mode that we are to operate from, and operate under the idea that it is “her job is to tell me no, it’s her responsibility. If she is not on board, her job is to say no.”

    And all the guys whose wives EMBRACE that job with glee and delight just winced.

    Being ever quick to compound a catastrophe, when Shannnon asked you for a concurrent cycle for women, you spoke to this to wives: “realize the receptivity you could have when he does take a lead and step up and say no.”

    Yes, I realize that you were trying to couch it in terms of a wife who would nix certain acts, but your emailer wasn’t addressing certain acts, but expectations of rejection. And you just green-lighted her, big time!!


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